How to live frugally
I am trying to live frugally. Living frugally is a never ending challenge but it can be done.  Here are some of the things that you can start doing in plain and simple English. 36 Tips To Live Frugally Eat and drink out less. Chinabazar and some larger ethnic markets Read More »

How to Live Frugally

The Ultimate Guide to Social Skills The Art of Talking to Anyone
You can fail in life if you do not know the art of talking to anyone. Do you find yourself googling the best tips to improve the skills, like the rest of us? Take a chance reading this ultimate guide by Ramit Sethi. I am trying to  improve my social Read More »

Ramit Sethi’s The Art of Talking to Anyone

Can Handwriting Make You Smarter
If you want to perform your best in classroom, improve focus, attention and boost learning, you should start taking notes by hands. You can outperform students who type notes. Stop using your phones, laptops and tablets in class, you will have more success learning new material if you start writing. Read More »

Handwriting Makes You Smarter

women issues
For Woman Tips to Make Life Easier Here are some of the best tips for shaving, getting rid of stretch marks, tips for growing eyebrows…., via Imgur    

What Makes A Woman’s Life Easier

what happened first
Tips to Become Smarter When you are really mad at someone. Say “what happened first”. When apologizing, replace the word “but” with a pause. If you have a ton of fruit flies in your house, turn off all but one light source and wait 2 minutes. While having trouble deciding Read More »

12 Things You Might Not Have Heard Of

SPOTIFY you need to start your day
6 Apps You Need to Start Your Day Here are a few Lala-approved apps guaranteed to get you a little more prepared for the day ahead and a little more informed about the world around you. Plus, knowing the latest on the presidential election will be a lot more helpful Read More »

Forget Coffee: 6 Apps You Need to Start Your Day ...

frugal habits of the super rich infographics
How would you spend your life if you had a billion in the bank? Here is the super rich guy for whom the grocery shopping is less extravagant than you might expect. He takes no more cash with him than the list dictates. The billionaire applies more discipline to his Read More »

Frugal Habits Of The Super Rich